Chakra Guidebook: Root Chakra: Healing and Balancing One Chakra at a Time for Health, Happiness, and Peace

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Are you always frightened, tense, and anxious? Do you feel alienated on this planet? Do you constantly suffer to meet your fundamental needs and believe you don’t have enough money? Are you looking for stability and groundedness in your life? If so, you should strive to balance your Root Chakra…

In This Book, You’ll Discover:
✔️A Basic Introduction to Chakras
✔️Common Chakras Myths
✔️Importance of Root Chakra in Your Body
✔️Significance of Root Chakra Balancing
✔️Blocked Root Chakra Symptoms
✔️What Causes Root Chakra Blockage?
✔️Root Chakra Balancing Techniques (Visualization, Pranayamas/Breathwork, Affirmations, Mantras, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Yoga, Reiki, Food, Herbs, Sound Therapy, Meditation, and more)
✔️Symptoms Your Root Chakra is Opening
✔️And Much More

This book is packed with all the information, tips, and techniques that will make sure that you can effectively heal, balance, and open your Root Chakra.

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Our bodies, minds, emotions, thoughts, actions, and everything around us are all formed of energy, as ‘multi-disciplinary genius’ and inventor Nikola Tesla once said: “If you want to comprehend the cosmos, consider it in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

The chakras are basically energy centers scattered throughout the subtle body (‘subtle’ refers to something we can’t see but can clearly feel energetically). Consider the chakras to be spinning energy wheels—wheels that rotate simultaneously to generate a combination of energy and life force. There are seven chakras, each of which is positioned in different parts of the body and represents a different aspect of our energy body.

When the chakras are balanced and spinning effortlessly, life is beautiful. We experience a sense of fullness in all aspects—emotional, mental, and physical; mind, body, and soul. Our relationships, conversations, actions, goals, and interests just flow.

A balanced chakra system can be thought of as refreshing water running down a stream, gently caressing everything it meets, and continuing down its journey with ease, grace, and fluidity. But when the chakras are misaligned—one being overactive and the other being underactive—life can be challenging. This misalignment might not be apparent on the surface, but delve down a layer or two and you’ll quickly notice where your work lies.

Chakra balancing is a diverse and interesting practice. It doesn’t have to take hours, and there are several therapies and do-it-yourself techniques to choose from. This topic, however, has a wealth of knowledge and depth—depth that cannot be mastered at once. What can be done is to deal with each chakra individually, learning what it symbolizes, how it affects the body, mind, and soul, and how to heal it. That’s the reason behind this “Chakra Guidebook” series.

Each book in this series focuses on a specific chakra and provides different strategies for balancing and healing it. Each book is a stand-alone guide to a specific chakra. You will discover all there is to know about that specific chakra. This part is solely dedicated to the Root Chakra.

Because the Root Chakra is supposed to provide energy to the other chakras, if it is blocked or out of balance, your other chakras are likely to be as well. As with any structure, ensuring that your chakras have a solid foundation—with a balanced Root Chakra—is critical to having a healthy, open chakra system.

For ages, many spiritual traditions have claimed that the Root Chakra is the chakra system’s grounded base. This energy wheel is related to your sense of security, family relations, and a sense of belonging. When energy flows through the first chakra, you feel deeply rooted in yourself and your surroundings. We feel linked to the Earth, which allows us to feel safe enough to let our energies flow and propel us ahead in life.


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