Crystals Guidebook: Your Beginners Guide to Enhance Knowledge of Crystals and Get Started with Energy Healing for Strength, Vitality, and Wellness


Do you want to begin your healing journey toward a more energized state of being? Do you wish to fill your body with positive energy? Do you want to transform your body’s aura by avoiding bad vibes and releasing blocked energy? Do you wish to cleanse and heal the blockages in your chakras? If so, crystal healing is just what you need…

This book includes:
✔️History and Origin of Crystals
✔️How do Crystals Work?
✔️Our Energy Body
✔️Benefits of Crystals
✔️Types of Crystals
✔️How to Choose Crystals?
✔️How to Buy Genuine Crystals?
✔️Activating Crystals
✔️Preparing for Crystal Healing
✔️Using Crystals for Healing
✔️The Crystal Rituals
✔️Protecting Yourself from Negative Energies with Crystals
✔️Chakras and Crystals
✔️Reiki Healing and Crystals
✔️Aura Cleansing and Crystals
✔️How to Care for Your Crystal?
✔️How to Store Your Crystals?
✔️When and How to Eliminate Crystals?
✔️Myths and FAQs

Now don’t bother, grab your copy and prepare to embark on your quest for better well-being by unraveling the mystical secrets of healing crystals.

Since the dawn of time, crystals have been cherished and admired. They are formed deep under the ground over thousands of years from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms and are some of the strongest materials we know, so it’s no wonder that our fascination with them has endured.

Crystal healing has been used for ages in many cultures all over the world. It is a kind of complementary therapy that involves the use of crystals to provide harmony to a person’s life and mind. Connecting with crystals helps you to harness your energy and balance your chakras in order to heal both your body and your soul.

They offer us healing possibilities by using the Earth’s and the Universe’s life-giving qualities. When we come in contact with these crystals that harness the energy of the Sun, Moon, and Seas, we are instantaneously connected to universal energy.

They are said to have a stable and consistent energy pattern, with each having a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance, that gives them their distinguishing properties. As a result, they act as tuning forks, bringing harmony to the human body’s highly volatile energy field. They have the potential to transform our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional states. Simply holding the appropriate crystal at the right time may affect our mood and general well-being. By using crystals the proper way, you can bring your life back to balance.

They may assist you in developing a more mindful, thoughtful, and spiritually rewarding life. Whether you’re new to crystals or have been collecting them for years, this wonderful and thorough guide will show you how to use them in everyday rituals to the best possible level.

With this book, we’ll dive deeper into the world of healing crystals. You will learn how to use the healing power of crystals to help regain your calm and control. It provides you with all the information you need to reap the benefits of their incredible healing powers. Every crystal discussed is illustrated with photographs for your convenience.

Ultimately, this book has all the crystals and tools you’ll need to cleanse, heal, and protect your energy field and surroundings, whether you’re feeling drained by your relationships, struggling to establish boundaries, or your body is under assault from toxins or tech overload.


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