Why Celibacy/Brahmacharya is a Must as per Indian Culture and Why it is Vital for Spiritual Growth??

Today, I’m going to introduce you to the most powerful way of raising your vibration for spiritual growth. I’m going to show you practical tools to really be able to let go of what doesn’t serve you to become your highest self and be happy almost all the time.

You may have seen this scale many times, it’s from the book called Power vs. Force by David Hawkins, and it’s the understanding that there are different levels of vibrational states of being. Here under these levels, you will find that at the bottom you have a tendency of shame such as guilt, and then ultimately you shift into wiliness neutrality. Above that you are closer to love and acceptance, then love and joy and peace all the way up to enlightenment.

3-4 years ago, before I began transmuting and really started studying all this knowledge, I was still engrossed in the lowest emotional state of being (I’m not claiming I’m perfect or enlightened now; I’m still exploring).

Mostly, I felt guilt; I felt anger from my childhood and some of the stuff I’ve been through. I had attachments to experiences that just didn’t serve me. But when I start to transmute, something happened to me. I became really mindful of my thoughts.

Our thoughts are still going to come from a specific angle, and there’s going to be a certain momentum in our thoughts. I’ve had a number of feelings that have been in motion and a constant loop of feeling anger over certain stuff, that feeling of shame or guilt about things I wish could let go but unable to do anything about it.

But as soon as I started to practice transmutation techniques, I started to observe my thoughts. And this difference between observing thoughts was the game changer for me!


The first step towards transmutation for Spiritual Awakening:

Transmutation is a technique of transferring energy from the lower Chakras of the body to the higher Chakras. If you’re new to Chakras, I’ll come to that in a moment, but for now, let’s look at the transmutation.

For something like a spiritual awakening, you’re going to require a lot of energy that can be transmuted! And trust me, you literally don’t have worry about it. There’s a built-in energy station in your body that can produce more than enough energy for you to achieve spiritual awakening.

Sex. It is the guiding force of existence, the energetic core of existence. The essence of worldly life is Liberation (Moksha) and the essence of the body is semen (Virya). All objects in the universe by nature are diminishing. Semen is the only one that can rise (Urdhvagami) if you choose to. Thus, the seed of intent (causes) for the energies of the semen is the rise towards spirituality.

Let’s just say that there is certainly a valid explanation that all spiritual traditions recommend ‘Celibacy.’ Sex is amazing, but no sexual experience could even come close to this. 

From the pollination of plants to the innate desire to reproduce in animals and humans alike, nearly all has a sex driveand the sex drive is the result of our libido.

At the source of all existence, sex is the cornerstone of all life; from the birth of an infant to the ecstatic conception of a piece of art, all growth is rooted in libido.

If you have an unwieldy sex drive or just want to harness this energy in for your spiritual growth, keep reading. You might be amazed at what the power of your libido can do!


What is Sexual Transmutation?

Sexual transmutation is the alchemical process of channeling and guiding the sexual energies to a higher purpose of life. As one of the most strong forces of creation, our sexual energy may be guided toward achieving ambitions, manifesting desires, and reaching deeper states of consciousness.

Your sexual energy is incredibly precious, and it is much more precious if you want to achieve spiritual growth. Brahmacharya is a term within Indian traditions that simply means “conduct consistent with Brahman” or “on the path of Brahman.” Yoga, Hinduism, and Buddhism usually apply to a lifestyle marked by sexual continence or abstinence. (In western culture, it is referred as ‘Celibacy’).

Throughout the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist monastic practices, Brahmacharya means, among other aspects, a mandatory renunciation of sex and marriage. This is considered important for the spiritual growth of a monk. Western notions of religious life as practiced in monastic settings reflect these characteristics.

According to Ayurveda, Semen is the last Dhatu to be formed out of Majja or Marrow. From food chyle (Rasa) is manufactured. Out of chyle comes blood (Rakta); out of blood comes flesh; out of flesh comes fat: out of fat comes marrow; out of marrow comes semen. These are the seven Dhatus. From start to finish, it takes the male body an average of 74 days to produce new sperm cells. There are three divisions in each Dhatu. Semen nourishes the physical body, heart, and intellect.

The ignorant man is a tool in the hands of his Samskaras and Karmas. Slowly he gains strength by understanding his true essential nature, by doing spiritual Sadhana, and by removing desires and greed.

If sexual energy is transmuted into Ojas, the shiny essence (Tejas) of all seven Dhatus is Ojas. It is the strongest aspect of the seven Dhatus gathered together) or the spiritual energy of pure consciousness, called sex-sublimation in Western Psychology. Just like metals and chemicals are dissolved by heating, similarly sexual energy is purified and converted into spiritual energy through spiritual Sadhana, through enjoying pure soul-raising thoughts of the Self or Atman.

In Yoga, one is called the Ordhvareta in whom the seminal energy has flowed upward into the brain as Ojas Shakti. There is no possibility of the semen going down through sexual excitement.

Brahmacharya/Celibacy is a very difficult practice. It demands constant and long-lasting Sadhana and perfect discipline. The Yogi who has mastered complete sublimation has complete power over lust. There’s no possibility of his destruction. He’s absolutely free!

He can embrace young women, yet he will be completely free from impurity. This is a really high point! Thus just a small amount of people can attain this sublime exalted state. Sri Sankara, Sri Dattatreya, and Jnana Dev of Alandi had reached this stage.

The procedure of sex-sublimation is rather complicated, but that it is most important for the aspirant to pursue the path of spirituality. It is the most significant qualification for the aspirant who is looking for supreme bliss and enlightenment. You’ve got to achieve this at any cost.

Brahmacharya is a simple pre-requisite for an aspirant. If one has this qualification or quality, any other qualifications would be linked to him; all spiritual qualities will come automatically to him.

All in all, the supreme aim of human life—spiritual attainment—requires the greatest accessible Pranic resources at all levels: mental, intellectual, and emotional. It’s via Prana that one has to regulate one’s senses. This is via Prana that one always has to have the restless nature of the mind. This is by Prana that one needs to centralize all the dispersed rays of the mind to make it one-pointed in focus. It is through Prana that one has to direct the concentrated mind to the object of meditation.

If you get engaged in a sexual impulse, the stock of sexual energy from inside will drain, decrease and go down. It’s going to accumulate there and then discharge quickly. But if the thought, which emerged as a consequence of the sexual impulse, is uprooted and tossed away as soon as it arrives, then the sexual force will not be drained and thus will not go down. It’ll rise to a higher level in the spiritual world. There’s a huge science going within.


The Benefits of Preserving Your Sexual Energy are:

Physical and Mental Benefits:

-A person practicing Brahmacharya is capable of taking advantage of the power of mind, body, and speech. This means they’re capable of doing anything.

-No matter what obstacles arise in life, one can remain stable and deal with the situation at hand.

-Increases in focus and grasping capacity.

-Will power (Manobad) increases, which mean that one can do whatever he/she wants to do.

-The mind stays in control.

-When Brahmacharya is maintained for a few years with proper supervision, the energy of the semen will rise. After this, one will retain the true essence of any scriptures and books. Otherwise, it’s not easy to retain the essence. You’ll forget about it as soon as you read something.

-Brahmacharya practice will enable one to follow through on vows and commitments. Further progress in all directions is easy.

-The strength of the immune system improves and as a result the body stays healthy. It won’t have any difficulty or defect at all.

-Physical strength, mental strength, intellectual strength, and ego strength increase because of Celibacy.


Spiritual Benefits:

-Where there is no sexual interaction, there is no conflict. The history of friction ends where sex ceases.

-When a married person takes a vow of Brahmacharya, they will fully recognize the bliss of the soul, the supreme bliss. Otherwise, they can’t understand whether their happiness comes from sexual gratification or from the pure soul.

-Anger, pride, deceit, and greed will decline slowly.

-Dislike for sex alone is going to lead one to heavenly life.

-The merit karmas are bound by pursuing the principle of Celibacy.

-The inner faculty of knowledge and vision becomes pure, so that one’s inner inclinations do not move toward worldly things.

-The energy of the Self (Atma Virya) arises as one practices Brahmacharya. There is nothing more valuable than the energy of the Self.

-The person that practices Celibacy feels everlasting pleasure, such that no one has ever felt it.

-Absolute Knowledge (Keval Gnan) can only be achieved by practicing Celibacy.

– You get the answer to ‘Who Are You’ and ‘What are you doing here, what’s the ultimate purpose of your life?’

– And the most significant spiritual benefit is it boosts you on the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.


Famous examples of people who practice sexual transmutation (either knowingly or unknowingly) include:

– Gandhi

– Swami Vivekananda

– Issac Newton

– Leonardo Da Vinci

–  Mike Tyson

– Nikola Tesla

– Mother Teresa

– Henry Thoreau

– Joan of Arc

– Richard Wanger

– Maria de Naglowska

– Dante Alighieri

– Beethoven

– Andy Warhol


The whole of spiritual life is the gradual elimination and eradication of the animal within, and the purification and education of human nature as a whole so that it stops moving in all other directions and begins to move in an ascending vertical direction.

When human nature is granted an upward shift, one starts to awaken the sleeping spirituality with the aid of all one’s spiritual practices.

If one knows that the spiritual process or the spiritual life is the elimination of the animal, the refining and directing of the human, and the awakening and unfolding of the Divine, then all spiritual practices including the role of Brahmacharya fall into their right place.

If you’re a spiritual seeker, do you not realize that you’re acting against yourself? You must liberate your consciousness from the lower levels and continue to elevate it to progressively higher and higher levels of finer and more refined states. For if the essence of the spiritual cycle of liberation and enlightenment is a method of growing to a higher level of consciousness, it necessarily means freeing oneself from a lower state of consciousness. If you want to move to the north, that means moving away from the south.

No person with a little religious knowledge and awareness or a spiritual view will ever deny the validity of Brahmacharya. It issomething scientific and a scientific thing never gets outmoded or old!

Brahmacharya is neither denying sexuality nor resisting sexuality. It’s giving sex a go-by so that the potential and power of the sexual process can now be used for something so wonderful that sex pales into meaninglessness in comparison.

When mind is diverted to higher things, Brahmacharya automatically become easy. You will excel in Brahmacharya if the mind is completely consumed by something so good and perfect that it absorbs you and lifts you, and the mind is simply gripped by it.

Thus, Brahmacharya/Celibacy is extremely beneficial from the point of view of spiritual life and the highest attainment of enlightenment and liberation.

By Brahmacharya and Brahmacharya alone, physical, mental, and spiritual advances can be made.

Note: From the context of sexual transmutation, pornography is perhaps the greatest destroyer of sexual energy. If you need assistance in this area, check out the NoFap website or just Google “nofap.”

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  3. After 18 years of celibacy, the practices of non judgment and criticism, gratitude, forgiveness: the realization that everyone and everything is connected, separation is an illusion…and a few other things; I’ve been able raise my vibration a minimum of 750. I believe the Universe confirmed this when I dropped two playing chips from my hand: one landed on its edge on the flat one. I have other similar events as well

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