Shadow Mindfulness to Uncover Your Hidden Self!!

Mindfulness is practiced for a variety of reasons. Some people pursue one of the many benefits of mindfulness for the body, mind, and relationships; others seek personal improvement, mental recovery, or spiritual advancement. Regardless of your motivation for beginning the practice, if you stay mindful for long enough, you would undoubtedly discover a lot about your hidden self (your shadow).

Mindfulness is an activity in which you stay a witness and observe your thoughts and desires spill forth.

Many people believe that Mindfulness or Vipassana contributes to hiding our negative attributes. That is not true! The shadow is not suppressed by Vipassana. It’s just that they can’t reach the shadow and light it up on their own. This is because some elements of our shadow consciously want to hide from the light of awareness.

Some aspects of our ego-personality will deftly avoid the light of consciousness wherever we shine it. Apparently, we’ve all spent some of our life energy in this shell game of our own heads. This is a natural aspect of the human psyche.

That is why we need a totally different collection of psycho-technologies for coping with our shadow. The meditation methods might be the strongest resources we have for ‘Waking Up,’ but we need a different toolkit for ‘Cleaning Up.’

Individual shifts will continue to exist as long as our thoughts and states of mind are not embraced in the Stillness of Pure Presence (the Witness Consciousness or the Spiritual Heart). As a result, they would be governed by weaker, ego-based intentions to a greater or lesser extent. This is just a horizontal type of inner transformation. It does not permit a vertical spiritual jump from the realm of human consciousness to the realm of Pure Presence.

Mindfulness adopts an approach in which we are mindful of our divine heart in conjunction with any energy, feeling, or mental state. They are all viewed against the backdrop of the Spiritual Heart’s natural stillness. In our daily lives, we seem to neglect this perspective, staying on the surface in a constant agitation of mental conditions, perceptions, moods, feelings, impulses, sensations, and so on. The conscious awareness of the subconscious mind can be a starting point for perceiving this perspective.

As we practice mindfulness deeply, our consciousness drifts towards the subconscious. The conscious mind becomes less involved, allowing consciousness to pass to deeper layers of our being. Stuff that you have repressed or decided to forget in your life is there waiting for you.

Daunting feelings, latent traumas, wild impulses, complexes, destructive thinking habits, remorse, embarrassment, regret, aggressiveness, rage, implicit fears, and unresolved emotional cycles are examples of these.

The beginner can panic during the first time he or she performs mindfulness. They may feel, “My mind has got busier,” or “Mindfulness is making me feel more nervous and restless.”

The fact is that mindfulness does not raise your mind’s noise or panic. It’s simply bringing to light the noise and anxiety that was always there. You can now see them all quite vividly, with fewer distractions. It’s like allowing a cup of dirty water to settle until you can see all the dirt that was already in the water.

Apart from keeping your mind calmer and sharper, mindfulness enhances your awareness and sharpens your perception, allowing you to see something about yourself that you were previously blinded to. Trapped forces in your psyche would be liberated. That is the opening of the subconscious mind’s ‘Pandora’s box.’ It isn’t necessarily a pretty picture, but it is an indication of advancement in the practice.

You’re facing—and freeing—your shadow!

But how can you start your Mindfulness practice?

For mindfulness, you don’t have to do anything, just be purely present as a conscious witness to anything you do. Absolutely nothing is needed—no reaction, action, or capability—other than being aware. You could be sitting at a place and be aware of it. You could be walking down the street and be aware of it. You could be working, lying in bed, cooking, or eating, and be aware of it.

If you’re having a thought, see it as if it’s a picture playing on a screen in your brain. If you’re feeling angry, watch how the anger is growing and melting, how your heart rate is increasing and decreasing. This way, you can easily spot your shadow, and being mindful of your shadow traits eventually help you accept and embrace those traits. Thus, following mindfulness, you can perform your Shadow Work on the go; you’ll progress quickly and effectively.

In mindfulness, we foster an intimacy of ‘what is,’ rather than comparing it to ‘what should be.’ As a result, the focus is not on ‘correcting’ our negative aspects or combating ‘sins,’ but on an innate sense of our divine essence, of the Spiritual Heart.

Thus, transformation happens on its own since it is enabled by the limitless strength, knowledge, and illumination that we ultimately are at our core.

The practice also points to the dissolution of our personalities rather than its suppression. Through this dissolution, we exist in non-existence, in our ‘True Self.’

This is a mystical, blissful experience.

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