Miracle of Mindfulness: 90-Days Daily Mindfulness Journal to Keep Track of Your Progress and Cultivate Peace, Gratitude, and Deep Reflections of Life

“Every minute is an unrepeatable miracle, so instead of planning for the unknown, embrace the miracle that’s right here at this moment.”

We’re all living incredibly busy lives where we’re pushed in a million directions at once. Our mind wanders all the time, either analyzing the past or planning the future.

Studies claim that eight in ten Americans experience stress in their everyday life and have a hard time relaxing their bodies and calming their heads, placing them at high risk of heart attack, stroke, and other illnesses. Of the many offerings to combat stress, from exercise to yoga to meditation, mindfulness meditation has been the hottest trend in the wellness ecosystem.

Mindfulness gives one the ability to pay attention to the moment by observing when our mind wanders elsewhere. It’s the philosophy of knowing how to be completely present and interested in a moment, conscious of your thoughts and emotions without distraction or judgment (meaning that there is no right or wrong way to think or experience at a certain moment). This is the space where we can relax and calm our minds.

When we practice mindfulness, we adapt to what we are experiencing at the moment, rather than revisiting the memories or predicting the future. 

All-in-all, if mindlessness is lacking awareness, mindfulness is about regaining it.

Though mindfulness has its origins in Buddhist meditation, it is now universally accepted as a stress management technique owing to the many beneficial effects it has on the mind and body.

I’ve made this mindfulness journal that will help you keep track of your mindfulness progress and cultivate gratitude. It’ll help you get rooted in your higher self and feel gratitude for the smallest of things.

Each page has blank spaces to record expressions of gratitude and memories of positive interactions.

This journal includes:

✔️Reflections: To record your accomplishments and improvements.

✔️Quality and Intensity: To record your focus, breathing, and emotions.

✔️Thoughts and Insights: To record your progress.

✔️Reflections in Detail: To record your memories of positive interactions and reflection of the day in detail.

This journal is for those who want to cultivate a deep reflection of life as well as for those who are just starting out with mindfulness. It’s ideal for all age groups, from kids to adults.

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