If you’re more used to getting trapped in negative thoughts, using affirmations may feel ridiculous or even inauthentic at first. But don’t let it discourage you! Positive thinking has the potential to be very powerful, according to a phenomenon known as the law of attraction.

The law of attraction proposes that if we choose to believe in positive outcomes, we will attract positive outcomes in our life. Simply said, when you replace negative thoughts with more positive ones, you improve your chances of success in all aspects of your life.

Positive affirmations have been found in studies to assist individuals deal with tough emotions and even suicidal thoughts. It is important to note, however, that affirmations must be accompanied with action.

Affirmations act mostly on the conscious level, although many of our disputes with ourselves and our feeling of adequacy occur in our subconscious or unconscious mind. They are considerably more effective when combined with honest internal evaluation and deeper internal work that reaches the subconscious or unconscious level. It’s also critical to take action to bring about the improvements you’re hoping to see.