Your Ajna/Third Eye Chakra Healing Guide

There’s been a lot of talks lately about chakras, chakra healing, and chakra balancing. But, before we get into how to balance the chakras, we need to first understand what they are, what they symbolize, and how they affect our mind, body, and life. This introduction covers it all!

The chakras are a component of the subtle body, also known as the energy body. It is the portion of the body that we cannot see or touch yet can always feel. It is the part of us that beats our hearts, the part of us that has gut instincts, and the energy inside us that connects, moves, and defines our being.

The seven chakras are the body’s primary energy centers. Unblocking or healing our chakras refers to the idea that when all of our chakras are open, energy can flow freely through them and there is harmony between the body, mind, and soul.

Each chakra emits a distinct color and energy, and each corresponds to a gland in the physical body. Because each chakra is associated with unique spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical parts of our being, their blocking or dysfunction might cause physical, psychological, and emotional problems. Conscious awareness and balance of these energy centers, on the other hand, are said to result in happiness and good health.

The concept of chakras was initially conceived thousands of years ago in ancient India, and the oldest evidence of chakras may be found in the Vedas. They are the earliest known texts of Hinduism and the oldest known written Sanskrit, dating back to 1500–500 BCE. The Upanishads (part of the Vedas) include evidence of chakra theories, which influenced the spirituality of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other ancient eastern faiths.

The Third Eye Chakra is situated in the center of your head, between your brows. While the two physical eyes observe the past and present, it is thought that the Third Eye sees into the future. Through inner vision, this chakra lets us perceive and comprehend the inner and outer worlds. Focusing on the Third Eye inspires us to transcend worldly desires and distractions. When the Ajna Chakra is awakened, awareness expands and one transcends to a higher realm.

The Third Eye is both a seat of wisdom and a seat of conscience. This is where you’ll not only observe what’s going on but also understand what it means. This is where your sense of justice and ethics comes from. Clear cognition, spiritual introspection, and self-reflection are all possible with the Third Eye. It is the highest chakra in our body that can be worked upon, allowing it to provide a visionary perspective. Based on what one chooses to see in the world, the Third Eye also contributes to shaping one’s reality and beliefs.

Third Eye Chakra Attributes

Sanskrit Name: “Ajna/Agya” meaning “Perceive” or “Beyond Wisdom.”

Meaning: It is the seat of perception, consciousness, intuition, inspiration, imagination, and self-awareness. The Third Eye Chakra gives the insight and knowledge required to comprehend reality beyond time and space. It may look past the dualistic and short-sighted nature of the rational mind to give us a sense of who we really are—spiritual beings having a human experience.

Location: The Third Eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows, at the center of your head where the pineal gland is located.

Element: Its role is pattern detection. The element of the Third Eye is light, which allows us to see and perceive the shape and form of objects around us from a distance.

Qualities: Being a real visionary with enhanced intuition, creativity, and awareness is all about the Third Eye Chakra. It might help you break out of the idea that awareness is tied to time and see energy movements and subtle dimensions.

Color: This chakra’s color is indigo, a blue hue associated with wisdom and deep inner knowledge. The almost dark blue hue or royal blue is associated with night. It also serves as a key to the Divine. Indigo represents wisdom and deep understanding. It helps clarify all five of the body’s senses. Indigo fosters the transition of lower chakra energy into higher spiritual vibrations.

Color Psychology: Indigo is a profoundly spiritual color. It fosters a sense of belonging and spiritual insight. Indigo evokes feelings and thoughts of psychic energy, self-awareness, and devotion. Furthermore, this hue can make us wise, intuitive, and mystical.

Sensory: Intuition (the ability to know something without having a proof).

Endocrine Gland: Pineal gland.

Organs: The Ajna chakra governs the eyes, ears, nose, brain, and nervous system. This chakra also governs the pituitary and pineal glands’ functions.

Developmental Stage: The Throat Chakra develops between the ages of 36 and 42, when most of us begin to seek the spiritual path and realize that wisdom eventually leads to spirituality and God.

Balanced/Flowing Energy: When you have a balanced Third Eye Chakra, you can tune into and trust your intuition and creativity. You have a clear perspective on your life, as well as self-awareness and emotional balance. You have faith in your inner knowing, which helps you to make sound judgments. You are open to new ideas and may get knowledge from sources other than your five senses of sight, touch, sound, taste, and hearing. When it is balanced, you are a true visionary with enhanced intuition, creativity, and the ability to transcend the time-bound concept of awareness.

Imbalanced: When the Ajna Chakra is out of balance, you lose contact with your inner knowledge. You may feel disoriented or adrift. The imbalance will most likely manifest physically in the brain and eyes. You may also feel trapped in your daily life. You may be unable to see beyond current concerns and your own beliefs if you are not guided by your inner knowledge. When you are so out of balance, you may struggle to perceive the broader picture. You may have mental fog, anxiety, or depression.

Psychological Symptoms of Blockage: When our Third Eye Chakra is overactive, we feel unpleasant emotions like jealousy, rage, and bitterness, which put us back in the healing process. When it is out of balance, one either becomes too intellectual, analytical, and stiff or becomes mentally frail and weak. It may cause insomnia, migraines, nightmares, major sadness, and spiritual arrogance. You may also feel trapped in your daily routine. You may not be able to see beyond current concerns and your own opinions if you are not guided by your inner wisdom.

Physical Symptoms of Blockage: Headaches, sinus difficulties, eyestrain, seizures, hearing loss, and hormone dysfunction are all physical symptoms of a blockage. Vision problems, sleeplessness, nausea, and sleep disturbances are some of the other physical signs of an overactive Third Eye Chakra.

Mantra Seed: AUM

Benefits of Third Eye Chakra Balancing

There are several advantages to having an open and active 6th chakra. Its openness is reminiscent of a blooming lotus. The following are some of the major advantages of Third Eye Chakra Balancing:

1. We Establish a Spiritual Bond with Ourselves and Feel Content

When we open our Third Eye, we discover that all we need and want is already inside us. External sources of love and pleasure are fleeting. Peace, love, and joy abound inside each of us. The Third Eye opening directs your attention away from constantly seeking more and tells you that you have all you need.

2. We Develop the Ability to Sense Auras

While some individuals are born with the ability to sense auras or develop it unexpectedly as a result of a near-death experience or other odd occurrences, most people in modern society are only capable of sensing a fraction of what we are capable of. We may uncover this hidden capacity to detect the colors of energy moving around ourselves and others by working with our Third Eye, which reveals so much about our thoughts and emotions.

3. We Gain Access to a Higher Level of Consciousness

By opening the Ajna Chakra, you develop a direct connection to spirit guides, guardian angels, Jesus, Buddha, and deities. We may ask these helpers to aid us in life if we have a clear intuition and goal.

4. Our Ability to Manifest is Enhanced

When we operate with a strong and active 6th Chakra, what we attract into our life becomes more in accordance with our desires. As our perception expands, we become super manifesters, attracting what will benefit u bests.

5. We Gain the Ability to Access the Astral Plane

While it is very unusual, some experienced practitioners can master this new level of consciousness to the point that they can perceive reality on the astral plane.

Other Common Advantages are:

  • The ability to perceive the truth.
  • Having self-reflection, self-awareness, etc.
  • Enhancement in inner vision.
  • Improved visualizing abilities.
  • The ability to recall your dreams.
  • Recognition of patterns and psychic perception.
  • Contemplation and clarity of mind.
  • Improvements in memory and intuition.
  • Life beyond the earthly world is realized.
  • Consciousness is expanded.
  • Feelings of limitless pleasure, joy, and love.
  • We become capable of remaining cool under pressure.
  • We assess the bigger picture.
  • We are capable of using both left-brain (intellect) and right-brain (imagination) thinking to solve complicated problems.

Symptoms of Third Eye Chakra Blockage

Recognizing that your Third Eye Chakra is blocked is the first step toward unlocking it. Once you recognize that your Third Eye Chakra is blocked, you may work on unblocking it.

Knowing the signs that this chakra is blocked might help you discover areas and behaviors that you may need to reconsider, as well as choices that you may need to become more mindful of in order to open this center and feel full and empowered awareness.

When your Third Eye Chakra is blocked, you lose your sense of direction and become stagnant in your life. When the Third Eye gets blocked, you may doubt your inner voice. Your perspective on life and where you’re going might become distorted and practically incomprehensible. You become highly dogmatic in your views, daily routine, and how you see people because you cannot let go of the past and are afraid of what the future holds.

Third Eye Chakra Balancing

Opening the Third Eye Chakra, like all spiritual practice, requires a high degree of honesty with yourself and others. Although unwavering honesty may make your life—and the lives of others—quite unsettling at times, when the Third Eye Chakra opens, no excuses are tolerated. So, no matter how tough a decision may be, if the Third Eye Chakra feels it is the right one, you are obliged to take it. It is just not possible to absolve yourself of responsibility by blaming your past on other people or things.

There are things you can do both on and off the mat to achieve harmony in this chakra. Third Eye Chakra healing employs a variety of holistic healing therapies to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki, sound healing, needle treatment, weight point rub, light therapy, color therapy, yoga, exercises, meditation, mindfulness, self-inquiry, aromatherapy, and crystal healing techniques are among these practices.

Symptoms Your Third Eye Chakra is Opening

These are the most common signs that your Third Eye Chakra is opening:

1. An Increasing Pressure between Your Brows and in Your Head

This is the first sign that your Third Eye is activating. You will feel a constant pressure, akin to a gentle touch, in the center of your forehead and brow area, where the Ajna Chakra is located.

At first, it may seem strange, especially if the feeling of pressure gets stronger as if someone is touching you, but there’s no need to worry. Spiritual gurus urge you not to be concerned since it is absolutely harmless and will go away with time. It is pretty common.

2. Increased Intuition

You may be accustomed to having good instincts, but when your Third Eye opens, it will take on a whole new level. You may have a better perception of future occurrences. It might only be a slight nudge in your gut, warning you that something bad is about to happen. Don’t dismiss this sensation or intuition; instead, let it lead you ahead. It may be frightening at first, but once you understand that you have total control over this ability, you will find it simpler to let it guide you.

You nearly always know what others around you will say, how they will feel, who will call you next, and what will happen. Your intuition will help you take the right actions and meet the right people for spiritual progress.

3. You Develop Telepathic Skills

You’ll suddenly discover you know what another person is thinking, and they’ll probably confirm it with their actions and words. You can also feel when someone is thinking about you, and circumstances normally roll out in such a manner that you have confirmation that you were correct.

As an example, you may feel that your buddy is thinking about you (typically, you can see their picture in the back of your mind when this occurs), and a few hours later they may phone you and say, “Hi, I’ve been thinking about you.”

Other people may sense that you are thinking about them and feel compelled to contact you. You can even give them a ‘telepathic shout’ if you know how. At first, these things might startle you, but you’ll get used to them and learn how to use your telepathy to your advantage.

4. You’re More Open to New Experiences and Ideas

When you have your Third Eye open, you welcome new ideas and experiences with more openness, curiosity, and originality. This reveals itself in both large and small ways. Instead of sticking to what you know, you’ll find yourself exploring the new. You’ll take a different route to work and go off the beaten path on your next trip.

You’ll find that this improves your communication abilities as well. When you’re talking to someone, you’re more receptive to their views and listen to them without criticizing them. You’re really interested in learning more about how they think and actively challenge them until you understand their point of view.

5. Seeing Lights, Geometric Shapes, and Patterns When Your Eyes are Closed

What do you see if you close your eyes for a few moments? If it’s a jumble of shapes and colors, your Third Eye is probably open.

Although your eyes can only perceive objects in the physical world, the Third Eye sees beyond it. The colors and forms you’re seeing are the product of your Third Eye processing information from the spiritual world. It might also be a build-up of energy from your pineal gland.

Blue, indigo, and white are the most prevalent hues seen. These lights and visuals will continually change, revealing fresh and interesting patterns, keeping you from falling asleep quickly. You may get side-tracked while viewing them, or they may just hamper your ability to fall asleep since the human brain needs darkness to disengage from the state of waking.

6. You are Becoming More Empathetic

As your Third Eye opens, you will feel and become more empathic. You’ll be able to perceive and empathize with someone else’s grief or suffering. You attempt to understand people rather than judge them, and you cry a lot more readily while watching Netflix.

This is because you are beginning to comprehend the world and everyone in it from a new viewpoint. You’ve gotten more in touch with the cosmos, and you can experience the emotions and sentiments of others on a far deeper level.

7. You Have More Mental Clarity and Focus

The more your Third Eye opens up, the clearer your thinking gets. The fact is that our thoughts and feelings aren’t “real”—they’re all merely energy vibrations. That is something your Third Eye can notice, and it can filter out a lot of the unneeded junk that comes your way.

Thoughts and emotions no longer cloud your judgment. You can focus on one task at a time and get things done much more quickly than before.

8. You are No Longer Terrified

The Third Eye awakening dispels many of our previously held beliefs about the world. You realize that the cosmos extends far beyond our perception of reality.

Your anxieties are all simply stories in your head, and there is nothing to be scared of. You can see the truth in everything, allowing you to let go of your anxieties about life, death, and the cosmos itself. Your Third Eye sees that you are secure and protected, and it gives you the courage to live your life fearlessly.

9. You Get More from Life

Everything comes to life when you open your Third Eye. You start to see how everything in the cosmos is connected. You can’t help but notice how much more purpose life has. You begin to realize that the cosmos is a living, breathing entity that is continually producing, developing, and changing. This awareness allows you to be more in touch with yourself and your surroundings. It inspires you to live life to the fullest since it is about so much more than simply surviving.

10. You Develop a Strong Connection with Nature and Animals

When you open your Third Eye, you connect with all living beings on the planet. This connection is so strong that we begin to experience a link with animals, nature, and other people. You could even believe you can hear their thoughts and comprehend their sounds.

All of these point to a universal truth that we are all one. The Third Eye doesn’t make new connections; it just opens the door to all the ones we’ve been neglecting until now.

11. You Realize that There is More to the Cosmos than What Our Eyes Can See

When you open your Third Eye, you’ll be able to see things from a different angle than you could before. This means that you can see beyond the physical world into other realms of existence and beyond our illusionary reality into the spiritual world, which is a whole other plane of reality.

This is when you start to glimpse the larger picture of what goes on behind the scenes in our physical world. You begin to communicate with higher energies like angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and even other realms or alternative universes (astral projection).

It is possible to enter other dimensions and have out-of-body experiences. You might become more aware of your own energy and learn how to connect with it so you can see deeper truths about the world around you.

It’s really amazing when you start feeling this! But be cautious, as some of these experiences like astral projection may be quite harmful if not done correctly. Take your time learning and looking for a reliable guide.

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